The Infrastructure Real World Asset Layer for a 2T Travel Economy

Your Web 3 Travel and Stay Membership Platform Passport to Boundless Travel Experiences

Subscription-Style Service

Offers a novel business model with a subscription-based platform.

Membership Benefits

Access to premium experiences, loyalty programs.

Commission-Free Platform

Staynex eliminates commissions for hotels.

NFT and SocialFi Elements

Offers unique NFT-based travel incentives and SocialFi integration.


NFT Membership

Own your travel experience with our exclusive NFT memberships.

Significant Savings
Save up to 30% on hotel bookings.
Zero Commissions
Hotels benefit from 0% commission fees, unlike the 15-30% on other platforms.
Premium Passes

The JetSET Pass

Unlock VIP perks and join a community of savvy travelers.

Booster Tokens
Extra tokens based on your final bid amount, enhancing your rewards.
Staking Yield Booster
Receive bonus percentages on top of existing APY rates.
Tokenizing Hotel

Time and Experience Sharing

Staynex offers an innovative platform for tokenizing hotel offerings, allowing hotels and partners to issue NFT passes/coupons, creating a unique travel experience.

Our Token

Powering Next-Gen Travel Experiences with $STAY

$STAY token is the cornerstone of Staynex, empowering users with exclusive travel benefits and seamless transactions.

One price for all public round

Staynex has been self-funded since 2021, with no private rounds, ensuring fairness and protecting public investors from any early-round impacts.


Tokenomics & Usage

Staynex's tokenomics are designed to enhance user experience and platform growth, offering unique utilities and incentives for token holders.

Initial Marketcap


Total Token Supply


FDV at Public Launch


Initial Token Circulating Supply


Staynex Token

How $STAY Works

$STAY tokens power the Staynex ecosystem, enabling discounts, rewards, and special privileges, while supporting platform stability and expansion.

Special Incentives
Membership Rewards
Effortless Transaction $STAY
Earn as you travel
Earn as you stake

Ecosystem Partners

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2022-2024 Partners

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Travel To Earn Partner

Tech Solution Partners

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Your Web 3 Travel and Stay Membership Platform Passport to Boundless Travel Experiences

Let’s work together to redefine travel and create unforgettable experiences for travelers worldwide.
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Your Web 3 Travel and Stay Membership Platform Passport to Boundless Travel Experiences

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Event Highlight

JetSET Pass Auction Event

We're thrilled to announce the highly anticipated auction event for our exclusive JetSET Pass NFTs! This is your chance to secure a JetSET Pass that unlocks unparalleled travel benefits and revolutionary experiences.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Staynex?

Staynex is a cutting-edge Web3 travel and stay membership platform, harnessing the power of blockchain and AI to transform the travel industry. Our mission is to deliver affordable, decentralized, and personalized travel experiences through our innovative products and strategic partnerships.

How does Travel to Earn work?

Travel to Earn is your ticket to next-level travel rewards. Just by staying at our partner hotels, you earn incentives that can be redeemed for discounts, exclusive deals, and much more. Travel smart, earn big!

What is the $STAY token?

$STAY is the native utility token of the Staynex ecosystem, unlocking a world of perks for holders and members. Enjoy exclusive deals, dive into loyalty programs, and much more. Get ready to level up your travel game with $STAY!

How can I purchase Staynex JetSET Pass NFT?

You can first dive into our upcoming auction to snag these exclusive NFTs. If you miss out, no worries – you'll get another shot to grab a JetSET pass NFT during our minting event on our platform or through our partners. Keep your eyes peeled for the drop date and time! Don't miss your chance to join the ultimate travel revolution.

What is RWA?

RWA (Real-World Asset) integration bridges the gap between the digital and physical worlds. Staynex incorporates RWAs into our platform, offering exclusive benefits and token holder perks tied to real-world assets.